Published: Friday, 28th April 2017

Find out more about how to vote for your GM Mayor using Supplementary Voting

Supplementary voting is different to the way we vote in other elections.

With supplementary voting there are two columns on the ballot paper, A and B. That is because in this election you have the opportunity to cast your vote for your first and second choice candidate.

Vote for your first choice candidate by putting and "X" in the box in column A next to their name.

Remember you must use column A or your vote will not be counted.

You can also vote for your second choice candidate by putting and "X" in the box in column B next to their name, although you don't have to.

For your second chioce to be valid it must be different to your first choice.

If no candidate receives a majority the top two candidates continue to a second round.

All the other candidates are then eliminated, but not their second choice. If their second choice was for one of the remaining candidates their votes are added.

Those second choices are then added to the top two candidate's totals and whichever candidate has the most votes after the second choices have been added they are declared the winner.