Local Council contact details

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority is made up of 10 constituent councils, each with its own Electoral Services Team. Please see below for local contact details:

If you are not sure which is your local council enter your postcode at Your Vote Matters to find out.

Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: 01204 338 024

Email: elections@bolton.gov.uk

Web: Bolton Electoral Services

Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: 0161 253 5252

Email: electionservices@bury.gov.uk

Web: Bury Electoral Services

Manchester City Council

Tel: 0161 234 1212

Email: esu@manchester.gov.uk

Web: Manchester Electoral Services

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: 0161 770 4718

Email: election@oldham.gov.uk

Web: Oldham Electoral Services

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: 0300 303 0345

Email: elections@rochdale.gov.uk

Web: Rochdale Electoral Services

Salford City Council

Tel: 0161 793 2500

Email: elections@salford.gov.uk

Web: Salford Electoral Services

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: 0161 217 6026

Email: elections.office@stockport.gov.uk

Web: Stockport Electoral Services

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: 0161 342 3036

Email: elections@tameside.gov.uk

Web:  Tameside Electoral Services

Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: 0800 0234 206

Email: elections@trafford.gov.uk

Web:  Trafford Electoral Services

Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: 01942 827168

Email: elections@wigan.gov.uk

Web:  Wigan Electoral Services