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Counting the votes

Votes will be counted on 8 May 2021 with the result expected by late afternoon.

Each of the ten Greater Manchester districts has a Local Returning Officer with personal responsibility for counting the votes in their area.

The Combined Authority Returning Officer is responsible for coordinating the poll across Greater Manchester and will calculate the overall result by adding the ten individual council's results together before declaring the successful candidate.

How votes will be counted

At this election, the supplementary voting system is used.

Electors have two choices for Mayor and can vote once in column A for their first choice and once in column B for their second choice.

If one candidate gets more than 50% of the first choice votes, they will become the Mayor of Greater Manchester. If no candidate gets this majority, the two candidates with the most first choice votes will remain in the election and all other candidates will be eliminated.

The second choice votes for the candidates who were eliminated from the first round will then be counted. Any second choice votes for the two remaining candidates will be added to their first choice totals. The candidate who then has the highest overall total will be declared the Mayor of Greater Manchester.