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Candidate address booklet

By law, a candidate address booklet must be sent to every registered elector in Greater Manchester. It contains election addresses from the Mayoral candidates as well as information about the election and how to vote. It will be delivered to electors from Saturday 17 April 2021.  

Each candidate at the Mayor of Greater Manchester election is entitled to have an election address prepared on their behalf by their election agent and included within the address booklet. Each candidate who submits an address for inclusion in the booklet is required by law to make a contribution of £5000 towards the printing costs.

The Combined Authority Mayoral Elections Conduct Order 2017 sets out specific requirements for the booklet including the content of the addresses and what they must and must not contain, the format, submission process and timescales. The latest time for submission of the information in the correct format is no later than 4pm on Thursday 8 April 2021 (same as the nomination deadline) however to support the production process, it is asked they are submitted as soon as possible.

All requirements have been included in a detailed guidance note for candidates and agents. For more information and to request a copy of this guidance, please contact the Combined Authority Returning Officer

The booklet will be delivered to electors from Saturday 17 April, 2021 onwards, and is available online.